Wisdom of Life


My hair is slowly turning white, according to the beliefs of the old people in my village, your hair turning white means we are gaining wisdom in life, with the amount of white hair on my head, none of them coming back black when I pull it out. I guess, this is my sign of me gaining more wisdom. However I saw a video on social media, which i find interesting; The Prophet said: Forbade plucking out white hairs and said: it is the light of the believer. Sunan Ibn Majah, 3721. My apologies if i did not include the arabic word after the Prophet, I don't know how to read and write arabic. It says if one hair of a person turns white, it will be the light for him on day of judgement. Isn't it facinating to know such word? Well, I don't actually worry or ashamed about my white hair, I am actually excited and happy, not because of the video that i saw on social media but because I am an anime fan, I always imagine myself having a long white hair like Inuyasha or Tomoe from the anime kamisama Hajimemashita. I even went to the hair salon to solve it quickly. I wanted to colour my hair all white as i can't wait for my head to be covered by it but unfortunately, i did not know that you have to go to many session to get the full white colour, I have a black hair and in order for my head to be covered in white, they have to put some treatment to it and for me it is expensive to keep on going to the salon and do the treatment, my hair would deffinitely look good but I'll just take the nature takes its course. I don't have that kind of budget for my hair. Anyway, I often wonder, what wisdom did I learn in my 33 years in life, I know a few: I learn that by keeping calm I can more see what is going on around me; by not hurrying to answer and opening my mouth I can avoid some unnecessary circumstances. I learn to observe first before jumping into conclusion. Lastly, there are always 2 sides of the stories, never assume and judge very quickly without knowing what is going on first. I think these are the wisdom i gained. ohh, there is a sentence that I truly believe, "karma is a bitch". There's a mantra that I keep on telling myself. The universe will not hurt me so I don't need to harm the universe. Spiritually; in every path I take and in every choices I made, I know I am aware and whatever happen,happened. There's no if in this world and certainly we can't turn back the time. There are times that I regret my decision but I know there are no medicine for regret so I just try to make peace of it. In every action comes with a reaction, it may take a while for me to make peace about it but there's no point of wallowing over it either.

I wanna show you all a photo of me on top of the Devils Peak, my friend took it after we climb to the top and meditate. I was taken on my 30th bithday, her birthday present to me is to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning and hike on the mountain. I know its unique but I love it because she really just want my birthday to be peaceful and special. Thank you Taschia.

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