Beautiful Beasts



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My beautiful pets… When you have pets, it can be joyful or stressful 😄.Our mornings consists of the dogs going nutsoutside , barking at the other dogs who are on their early morning walks, in the kitchen you will hear a loudest callfrom a cat who let everyone know that it is time for us to wake up and serve them their food. It’s a chaos, sometimes when you are on your day off and you really just want to slept in, you can’t, because you have this 5 domesticated beasts as your responsibility. One of my dogis a planned one, his name is Simba, Simba is an Anatolian Shepherd/Kangal breed. His big and weight more than 50 kg. He's a very gentle beast. His barks are loud and he is way taller than me, I am only 159cm. So, can you imagine how big he is?His breed are normally use as a guard for the Cheetahs and Sheep’s. You will normally see his kind of breed on the Farm,in the Cheetah outreach reserve or if you happen to visit Turkey, you will seethem everywhere. They are very good protection dogs for live stocks and alsointo our family. He is our big Teddy Bear. Scary looking but the sweetest big boy to us and also to my cats, we got Simba after our old dog Cairo a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross over to the other side of the bridge. Simba has a hip dysplasia on both hind legs, he was diagnosed when he was only a 4 months old puppy. I know, it’s sad but he was born with it. We got him at the farm in Malmesbury,Cape Town. When we brought him home, we immediately noticed the difference of the way he walks and he seems to be uncomfortable. So we took him to the vet and after tests and X-rays, our dear Simba has been on meds since then, to ease the pain in his legs. He is 8 years old now and he can’t walk that far, even on hikes because of the discomfort of his legs. He will start limping if you overdue your walks with him. Simba’s character is very hard headed, his not
friendly to other dogs because maybe he wasn’t neutered, most of the people who
knows his breed are afraid with his kind of breed, it’s because they are aggressive, specially when strangers are in their territory, but isn’t all animals are like that? They have their own boundary to protect.

My second dog’s name is Nala, she is a German Shepherd. She was given to me by my friend who has a litter at that time. Nala is a sweet and an intelligent dog, we enrolled her at the GSD Federation, it’s a class for the German Shepherd protection, she was attending it since she was 4 month old puppy till she was 2. She was so cute and very smart. She’s the main guards of the cats, she would sometimes stops the 3 cats when they are getting rowdy on playing and they started to hiss at each other. Nala mostly accompany my husband when he went for bicycle ride in the mountain, she would run along with him and also she’d accompany me when we go on a long hikes, now she goes with my father in law and his girlfriend for a daily afternoon walk. Like a typical dogs, both Simba and Nala loves to rub their heads on you when they wanted attention, sometimes when they want to take a walk, they would literally pushed you out with their big heads from where you are sitting or lying. Attention, attention, attention, a constant want for attention.

I love going on walks at the mountain with them. It is stressful sometimes when you have both of them because Nala will look for other dogs, not to play but to cause trouble
just because her big brother is there to help her if the opponent is quiet tricky to mess with. You have no idea how stressful that walk was, so now, if you want to walk both of them, I have to go first with Simba then Nala, it works better that way. We went out on camping with them and it was so nice to see them running and frolicking under the sun without any worries that they might attack other dogs on the way. Camping sites that allow pets sometimes are quiet and if there are other dogs they only stay where their owners are and won't mingle much on our side because we stay far away 😜. It is a disadvantage sometimes when we want to take a vacation or go away for long because no one will look after them if you leave them at home.

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My 3 cats names are Zara, Babloo and Flumsy. They have a different characters, Zara is quiet and a picky eater. She's also a very sweet cat, friendly and wasn't afraid of people. She is the mother of Flumsy and Babloo is the father. We were looking for the specific breed of ragdoll, and when we found a breeder online, we immediately purchased her. You might be wondering, why I bought one instead of adopting at the local shelter? The truth is, Zara's predecessor was a rescue cat, her name was Schnee but a week after we got her, she somehow venture to the next door neighbour who has 2 vicious dogs and she was mauled by them. The poor cat, when we went home and couldn't find her, we started to panic because we thought she ran away, my husband found her in the gutter and her neck was bitten badly. I still feel sad when I remember that incident, she was a sweet and a cuddly cat, her fur was white and her eyes were deep blue colour.

As time goes by and Zara grew big,we realised she doesn't looked like a ragdoll, she has a gray colour fur and blue eyes, we assume she's a short hair kind of ragdoll. She's a very chill cat and also doesn't like to go out much, she doesn't like a human food only cat food, as picky as she is on food, she's the fattest in the group. I think she stole some food from her family when none of us is paying attention.

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Babloo my second cat, when we got him the same way as how we got Zara has a white hair with a hint of orange on his fur but same as Zara as he grew older, he also doesn't have any physical character as the ragdoll breed, we assume he is a snow fire Siamese cat due to his fur pattern. We couldn't tell what his exact breed when we got him because he was so skinny and full of fleas and he looked so sick that we thought he would die anytime soon. We deffinitely got scammed but we can't just return him or abandon him just because we did not get what we wanted. We raised him to be a healthy cat and he and Zara got 3 litters together before we spayed and neutered them. Babloo is also a quiet cat, we thought he was mute because we never hear him make any noise at all, he will just follow you around and doesn't make a noise, it turns out he makes a loudest cat call. My word! he made the whole neighbourhood annoyed. Aside from those horrendous cat calls when he was on heat, he will also only make a noise when you forgot to feed him or when his locked outside. His my bed companion, he understands when I tell him to come to bed. His a very playful and loyal cat, doesn't like to be touched by others unless he knows that you also live in the house.

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Flumsy, the baby. he is a very furry cat, we were baffled how he ended up looking like a Mainecoon, even the vet said, he is half Mainecoon. You might think maybe his father is different, nope! all his brothers and sisters from all the litters that we had has the same fur as him. So now we don't know if his half ragdoll or half mainecoon but we did not care, we were already confuse what's his parents breeds are, we don't want to find out anymore, as long as they are healthy that's all we want. As quiet as his parents are, he deffinitely did not inherent any of their characters. His a very talkative tom, his my alarm clock. He knows what time he will eat in the morning and evening, nope! his the alarm that make a loudest call an hour before feeding time. His the representative of our pets because we can't handle his loud call when he needs something, we are force to stand up and give what he wants and also his elders also can benefit from it. Nala will look at him and he will start his never ending request. His raised by the dogs as well, we call him cat-dog, he loves to steal dog food too. His also a giver, how many nights we were awaken by him bringing mice or rats, big or small. He loves to dump them in the bedroom. Have you ever been awaken in the middle of the night by a rat jumping into your bed? Yep, it happened to us many times. He also leave a snake at the bathroom door. He really love to give us a gift ,unfortunately I don't want to keep those gifts. He also has one special talent, that is, when he is not bringing any of hunting prize, he will only go in and out at the main door. Yeah, the main door, where everyone in the house goes in and out. I always think that he is doing this on purpose, he will sit by the door and give the loudest call for anyone to let him in or out the house. You see, the bathroom window is always open for them to go in and out of the house, the balcony door is open aswell during the day but this special tom cat just love the to enter and exit
at the main door. When he bring some spoil from his hunting trip, he will sneak in into the bathroom window but when his not bringing any, he will always choose the main door and he knows that the balcony is open because sometimes we will just pick him up and put him out from the balcony. Does anyone know what this behaviour of him mean? or he's just being an asshole? If there are anybody who knows why? I would really love to know the answer.

The house is full of pet’s hair. You have to vacuum everyday, if I happened to be too
lazy to clean the house, you have no idea how hairy the floor looks like. Our robot
vacuum gave up a week after we bought it. Now I wonder what is the best robot vacuum for my floor🧐.

Ohh do I sound like I am complaining? Actually I am a bit but what can I do? I love them to death too 😊. We choose them to be part of our life. They may leave behind
lots of furry hair but the amount of comfort and unconditional love they gave us are priceless. They are not just pets, they are our companions too. The 4 legged domesticated beasts who doesn’t judge and just look at you with love, maybe they do judge 😆but who cares, I don’t understand their language anyway.


Ok Ciao!