Perfect broth for cold

I am so happy today, I just made a perfect Beef bone broth, anyone who reads this, might think it's just a bone broth but for an Asian like me, creating an authentic soup base is a must. This bone broth takes 3 days to prepare. The perfect beef bone broth I'm looking for is not brownish but milky. I've tried for years to make a milky bone broth but I wasn't successful, I searched many times on the Internet but my result always came out to a brown broth until last Friday I accidentally stumble upon a Korean lady in YouTube who walked me through to the step of making a perfect beef bone broth, the downside is it takes 3 days to make it, I was just. Screw it! I have time for that. The bones need to be soaked in cold water in 8 hours but every 2 hours I have to change the water. Next, I have to boil it properly then drain and wash it again. Then I boil them again in low heat with a clean pot and bones, here you can probably see that this process already took me 2 days to do. after I boil them. just keep on adding cold water and boil them for another day until the marrows are out of the bones and they are perfectly soft. if you fall asleep it's fine, you can just continue to boil them the next day. I would love to take a picture of the broth but I don't have a phone at the moment, my phone hit the ground and decided not to work anymore. I can't take a picture but it is fine, at least it cures my addiction for a month. If I knew how to draw, I would have drawn an anime of me, dancing around a big pot of bone broth, that's how happy I am at this moment. for years I have been trying to perfect this recipe but no one gave me a step-by-step process of making a perfect beef bone broth like Ms. Maangchi. If this post reaches her, I would like to send my gratitude for sharing this recipe with the public.

After the soup cools down, remove the fat that was floating on top with the strainer. I am supposed to do that step, however, since I don't have a proper cloth nor a proper strainer for it, it needs a small kinda of holes strainer. You can also leave it as is, whatever you prefer. From personal experience, I think the proper strainer would be the choice for me, it's alright for the first time at least now I know what kitchen utensils are on my next purchase. So the final result of my making the bone marrow soup for the first time is a success. It is white which is what I wanted, the taste is good after you add some seasonings that you prefer, only salt and pepper on mine cause I was craving the authentic taste of it and I was over the moon. Of course, because of the lack of proper equipment, the soup turned out to be so oily and it would have been nice if I separated the marrow as well. I don't like the taste of them when they are frozen and reheated it's just different for me.

If I get a chance to get a beef bone again from the butcher I will make this again, this time will a proper strainer. The bone broth is good with anything, with noodles, dumplings, or with veg, whatever you prefer.