I think my phone triggering some ADHD on me

I am losing my marbles here...

You might be wondering, what am I doing? You see, I caught a cold and was resting, however, my body clock just can't sleep late, so while sniffing and sneezing around, I managed to cautiously prepare my husband's lunch box, grab my phone, and got distracted by a book and when my husband left for work, I watched the crime stories on Youtube and start my day by doing the dishes and while I was doing on it, the background noise of my phone is just nearby and within wifi range too, my phone is broken, it can't connect to Bluetooth or wifi unless I have my pocket wifi with me all time. While doing the method of resting and doing chores bit by bit, I managed to do the stuff that I had been neglecting. As time progressed come nighttime, my husband was home, and time to feed my pets, I put down the laundry that I was doing, and yes, I also began to tackle the laundry while watching anime, I changed my choice of entertainment at this time and I am feeling better, not good but better ☺️, I realize I haven't had my dinner yet. So I heated up the food and saw my dog looking at me like waiting for something to happen and I constantly heard my cat outside meowing like his dying from starvation, got distracted, and started feeding them. I noticed in the corner of my eye the laundry machine, I remember I still had laundry inside and started squatting and folding the clothes. I suddenly remember that I have to remind my husband about something important and at the same time I remember that I am looking for my phone and everything that I have forgotten was all triggered and remembered them all, I sat in a daze and I decided to share to you all my realisation that I might be too dependent to my phone. I was aware of my phone addiction but I always thought that it wasn't that bad. My phone dependency was making me think in shambles, nothing was arranged and it wasn't managed. I looked it up it might not be an addiction yet. According to AI, phone addiction: This term suggests a compulsive or unhealthy attachment to using a phone, often to the extent that it interferes with daily life, work, or relationships. it implies behavior that is difficult to control despite negative consequences. Phone Dependency: This term implies a reliance on the phone, suggesting that one might feel a need to use the phone regularly for various aspects of life, such as communication, information, or entertainment. Dependency doesn't inherently imply negative consequences but might indicate significant reliance on the device.

At this moment, I left a moment of silence for myself to reflect on what I am doing and I am very grateful that I landed into this madness today because it made me remember to write again. My laundry and dishes can wait for tomorrow.